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Pari Island Travel

One of the islands in the Thousand Islands cluster which can now be used as tourist attractions and a place that allows you to learn about marine wealth is Pari Island.
Natural attractions of the island pari offers natural beauty is still beautiful, white sand on the coast with the breeze sea that you can feel the coolness, and the beauty of coral reefs accompanied by small fish that gorgeous make the persenokeling can adapt to the beauty of the underwater which makes them reluctant to stop diving.

I live on the island, there are Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) located in the western part of jl. pari main highway, pretty much anyway .. if reached by foot, to my knowledge one of them doing the work function LIPI research marine life / marine life ranging from sea plants, coral reefs, sea water, it's all for the sake of the preservation of nature island. Pari of the island can be considered as Tourism Education that travel on holiday at one with nature while learning about marine ecosystems.
The location, Pari Island is one village in the district of South Thousand Islands, Thousand Islands regency, located north coastal area of ​​Jakarta. The island has an area of ​​40.32 hectares with a population of about 800 inhabitants.

To reach this island, we can use a timber ship from the port estuary Angke the trip takes about 2 hours, or you can use a speed boat from Marina Ancol with a distance of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Nature Panorama Sea, during the journey to the island you'll pass pari see some islands, like the island nymph, fortunately island of Java, which is a cluster of hair island of a thousand islands.
Guide pari island, provides comfort for you with the best service of our faithful tour guide to accompany you at all times.
Attractions pari another island, namely:

Three points snorkeling spot in the cluster of islands in the region of the island pari

Explore Beach Rat Island
Browse mangrove / mangrove
Virgin beach / sand beach virgin

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